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What does VAT mean(what is vat)?

VAT(english) or BTW(Dutch), MWSt(german), TVA(French), ALV(finland), FPA(greece) is a tax that is put on products by the goverments of all (european) countries. This tax can be different in each country.

 Why do i have to pay VAT?

Because your goverment wants to take your money.

 When do i have to pay VAT?

Every occupant of the european Union is obligated to pay VAT to the seller of the products. This tax is 21% if you buy in the netherlands and will be on the invoice you receive from us.
If you live outside of the european Union there will be no tax on your invoice and you do not have to pay tax to us. Occupants outside of the european Union will have to pay the tax in their own country.

How high is the VAT?

If you buy in the Netherland(as an european occupant) the VAT is 21%. If you are an occupant outside the european Union the local tax should be payed at your customs office.

Do i have to pay VAT if i have a business?

If you are a company with a valid tax number in the european Union you also get an invoice without VAT. You will have to pay the tax in your own country. Validity of the tax number will be checked automatically(http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=nl) on the personal data you fill out in your account. Company's outside the european Union will always receive an invoice without VAT.

Why are the prices on the website without VAT?

The Retail prices on our site are without the 21% VAT. This is because its easier to submit Vat than to extract it. In the future we will put both prices( in and ex VAT) on our website.

How do i calculate the tax?

If you want to know what the price with VAT is for a product you can calulate it like this.

Price product X 1.21 = product incl. VAT
example1: product price = 10 euro x 1.21 = 12.10 euro
example2: product price = 20 euro x 1.21 = 24.20 euro
example3: product price = 32.55 x 1.21 = 39.39 euro
example4: product prices = 10 + 20 + 32.55 =63.55 x 1.21 =75.69 euro

Why are the shipping costs so high?
We want every parcel with parts to get to it's destination. The only way we can be sure of that is to send it by registered mail. That means you will get a tracking code and you will have to sign for receipt. That unfortunately is quite expensive. We're sorry for that, but it's the best guaranty for us that you will receive the parts you paid for.