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Prices on website may be different from actual prices because of pricechanges. You cannot extract rights from the prices on the site. All parts ordered after 01-07-2017 can get a paypalrequest from us because of an to us unknown pricerate by Husqvarna.

Parts can be returned within 7 days, starting the day of the delivery. In case of returning parts the customer will bear the shippingcosts and € 7,50 administrationcosts.

If aparcels returns to us because delivery failed or the parcel wasn't claimed we can send the again. We'll charge shippingcosts and the parts have to be in our possion first. 

Orders canceled within 48 hours are free from adminstrationcosts otherwise we refund minus € 7,50 adminstrationcosts.

Electrical parts cannot be returned. The risk of some customer damaging these parts because of a lack of sufficient knowledge is too big.

Numbers given by you as a customer(orders by mail) are the numbers we go by. We do not check every number for correrctness. 

When a parcel cannot be delivered and returns to Bon Motoren, the customer will bear the shippingcosts for this delivery and the next delivery when the parcel has to be shipped again. Beside shippingcosts we charge € 7,50 administrationcosts.

Every part is sold as one piece unless specifically mentioned otherwise. Depicted photo's of articles were quantities are mentioned are not relevant for quantity in orders.

Count at least two weeks from order to shipping parts. We don't have all parts in stock.