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World Wide Webshop for your Husqvarna oem-parts, accessories and merchandise

This site is a part of Bon motoren (Bon motorcycles) in the Netherlands. The owner of Bon motoren (me, Paul Bon) started out as a cross and later on as a enduro enthousiast. After riding several bikes I needed a new enduro bike. It really didn't take a lot of time to decide it was going to be a husqvarna TE 610. All the other bikes then were heavy four stroke enduro's. Had a lot of fun on this bike. Then supermoto came along. I really got in to this sport and after a while I thought it would be a good idea to open up a supermoto store (1st in The Netherlands). The logical step was to take a Husqvarna dealership and so it all started. This was many years ago. In those years I learned everything there is to know about Husqvarna's (and supermoto) and try to update my knowledge.

This is what differs this site from a whole lot of other webshops. I know stuff. I do not just sell parts, I know what I am selling and I tried most of the stuff I'm selling. We race our bikes on sunday and sell parts on monday. 

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